Strategic Community Management: October 2017

Stop chasing meaningless engagement metrics and start focusing on activities which drive phenomenal growth and the behavior you want from members.
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Course Outline

Before You Begin

  1. Video: Welcome
  2. The Weekly Course Structure
  3. Activity: Meet Your Fellow Classmates (4 mins)

Week 1 - Strategic Thinking

  1. Week 1 Overview: Strategic Thinking
  2. Video: What is Strategy? (4.5 mins)
  3. Video: Strategy vs Strategic Plan (2.5 mins)
  4. Activity: What is Your Strategy Right Now? (4 mins)
  5. Further Reading: The Elements of a Strategic Plan (3 mins)
  6. Activity: Dissecting a Strategic Plan (3 mins)
  7. Further Reading: Why Create a Strategy? (9 mins)
  8. Download: The Community Strategy Template (1 min)
  9. Activity: Where Does Your Time Go? (5 mins)

Week 2 - Community Goals and Objectives

  1. Week 2 Overview: Community Goals and Objectives
  2. Uncovering Your Corporate Goals (3.5 mins)
  3. Identifying Objectives (4 mins)
  4. Further Reading: Return on Investment (3+ mins)
  5. Further Reading: Community Goals and Objectives - Part 1 (8.5 mins)
  6. Activity: What Is Your Main Goal? (6+ mins)
  7. Download: 46 Questions for Uncovering Your Goals
  9. Activity: Converting Goals to Objectives (8 mins)
  10. Activity: Choose Your Objectives (8 mins)

Week 3 - Developing A Community Strategy

  1. Week 3 Overview
  2. Target Audience (8.5 mins)
  3. Secondary Audiences and Allocation (4 mins)
  4. Activity - Choose Your Secondary 'Failsafe' Goals and Objectives (10 mins)
  5. Strategy is About Emotions (4.5 mins)
  6. Resource: Emotions Wheel (1 min)
  7. Further Reading: Community Goals and Objectives - Part 2 (9 mins)
  8. Further Reading: Developing a Community Strategy - Part 1 (11 mins)
  10. Activity: Choose the Best Target Audience For Your Objectives
  11. Activity: Interview Your Main Target Audience
  12. The Stakeholder Black Box Problem (2.5 mins)
  13. Further Reading: Get Approval For Your Strategy (2.5 mins)
  14. Activity: Update Your Stakeholders (10 mins)

Week 4 - Resources & Tactics

  1. Week 4 Overview
  2. What Resources Do You Have? (5 mins)
  3. Activity: Make a List of Your Available Resources (6 mins)
  4. Allocating Resources by Objective (2.5 mins)
  5. Tactics (9.5 mins)
  6. Activity: Matching Situations With Emotions (8 mins)
  7. Further Reading: Developing a Community Strategy - Part 2 (11 mins)
  8. Further Readings: Tactics (16 mins)
  10. Download: Tactics Table
  11. Activity: Allocate resources to objectives (4 mins)
  12. Activity: Rank tactics (6 mins)

Week 5 - Developing The Action Plan

  1. Week 5 Overview
  2. Video: Action Plan (6 mins)
  3. Video: Team Management (4 mins)
  4. Activity: What are the Best Tactics You've Seen on Communities? (6 mins)
  5. Further Reading: Developing the Action Plan (23 mins)
  6. PREVIOUS WEBINAR - 17:00-18:00 BST, Monday 19th June
  7. Activity: Turning a Tactic into an Action Plan (12+ mins)

Week 6 - Data-Driven Improvements

  1. Week 6 Overview
  2. Video: Measurement & Improvement (3 mins)
  3. Video: The Four Areas Where You Can Improve (5 mins)
  4. Video: Change Happens (4 mins)
  5. Further Reading: Data-Driven Improvements (37 mins)
  6. Further Reading: Managing Unpredictable Types of Change (7 mins)
  7. Activity: What are you measuring now? (5 mins)
  9. Activity: Join Our Community of Experts! (5 mins)

About the Course

Strategic Community Management will help you stop chasing meaningless engagement metrics and start focusing on activities which drive phenomenal growth and the behavior you want from members.

We'll teach you to use your limited resources to achieve the biggest possible impact in your online community. During this course program, you will learn to question every activity you do and determine what is worth doing and where best to spend your time to achieve the biggest impact.

Via a combination of recorded sessions and live webinars, Richard Millington will guide you through the process of developing a strategic plan uniquely tailored to your community.

About the Instructors

Richard Millington

Richard Millington, Founder & Managing Director, FeverBee

Richard founded FeverBee in 2010 to help organizations use social science to build bigger, better, and more active online communities. Richard is the author of the FeverBee blog which attracts a readership of 10k community experts, and published Buzzing Communities, a book widely cited as introducing best practice into building successful online groups. He is also a regular speaker on online communities.

Richard became interested in communities as a teenager, working on online communities in the eSports sector including: PCGamer, UKTerrorist, iGUK, GotFrag,, among many others. In 2008, Richard spent 3 months interning with Seth Godin at Squidoo in New York and subsequently authored the Online Community Manifesto.