The Business Case

FeverBee’s community management courses are the leading training programs for community managers to learn about best practices, develop expert skills and acquire the essential knowledge to develop a thriving online community for your organization.

By taking our intensive training courses, your community manager will be able to:

  1. Maximize the value of your community.
    Right now your community probably isn’t generating the business results you want. This course will teach your community manager how to connect the community activities to visible business results.

  2. Develop a practical plan of action.
    The course will ensure your community manager develops a clear plan for growing your community through which you and your colleagues can track progress and plan for future activities.

  3. Demonstrate a clear ROI of your community.
    No more vague mumblings of engagement or participating, we connect what the community is doing to the revenue being generated. We show how to generate a positive ROI, how to measure it and the mistakes most organizations make when trying to measure the ROI.

  4. Resolve the most common problems communities face.
    The course will teach community managers the mistakes most communities make which lead to low levels of membership, weak levels of activity, poor development and limited business results. We will work your with your community manager to resolve these issues and set them on the right path in line with best practices and deep knowledge of human behavior.

  5. Sustain far higher levels of growth and activity from members.
    At the moment, your community manager probably isn’t applying the full range of techniques for growing membership and sustaining a high level of activity. This course will make sure your community manager applies these techniques to significantly grow membership and activity in your community.

Most community managers do what they have been told to do, they manage the community. This means they respond to discussions, they resolve disputes, they write content and keep the platform ticking over. Because they have not received any professional training, they don’t realize they’re missing a huge opportunity to further develop the community.

Imagine a community that, through proper measurement techniques (which we teach on the course), is proven to generate $80,000 a month in sales. An amateur community manager will manage to keep generating those sales every month. He might even be able to increase the number a little. 

A professional community manager would diagnose the current state of the community and, through her advanced knowledge of community development, set a strategy to further develop the community. This means knowing what the community needs to progress to the next stage of the community life cycle.

A community which generates $80,000 per month in increased sales could easily generate $300,000 a month when progressed to its maximum potential. However, if the community manager doesn’t know the path of progression nor the proven techniques to increase membership, engagement and sales, your community will never reach that level.

Your community probably comprises of your biggest fans, stakeholders and supporters; they need professional management by someone with advanced skills and knowledge of the cross-disciplinary nature of community development.

In the community development process, brands usually make the same repeatable, costly, errors. They usually spend far too much money in the wrong areas. They often take an approach which has repeatedly proven to fail. They waste too much time and money on communities which simply wont succeed. This course will make sure you don’t make those mistakes. This course will ensure you follow best practices, are aware of the key dangers in the development process, have prepared a long-term plan and save considerably on wasteful expenditure.

This isn’t an academic course. We drill participants in theory, but we also focus upon training participants to higher standards. We make sure they’re thinking about the ROI, about integration and about maximizing the value of your community. We forsake ambiguous statements about engagement, getting more fans, and any fluffy concepts in favor of proven techniques for developing an online community and concrete results.

The course offers significant long-term value to your organization. This includes:

  • The development of a valuable community asset which generates increased sales and business opportunities.

  • Your community manager can educate your organization’s future community managers and additional staff about community development.

  • Your community manager can introduce long-term scaling techniques which do not require significant expenditure.

  • Your community manager can explain how to measure the visible business results (increased sales, reduced costs) to the executive team and prove the worth of the community throughout the organization.

  • You may get the first-mover advantage over competitors to develop the definitive community for your industry.

We don’t waste time with wishy-washy concepts and vague statements like “be a good host,” or, “make sure your members are engaged." We teach concepts that are immediately applicable and proven to work. Much of our teaching is case study based. We bring a proven framework and rigid methodology to community development.

We don’t just teach the concepts; we ensure that everyone LEARNS and APPLIES the concepts. We don’t certify a participant until they have proven they can do this. This isn’t a course your community manager can sleepwalk through. You can be sure that when they graduate (and they will need to graduate), they are immediately more valuable to your organization.

Our courses are taught by professionals who have repeatedly proven they can develop online communities for organizations.