Advanced Engagement Methods

Advanced Engagement Methods
Learn the advanced engagement methods of the world's top experts
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Course Outline

Introduction to Advanced Engagement Methods

  1. Welcome to Advanced Engagement Methods

Week 1: Intelligent Engagement and Behavior Change

  1. What Business Are We In?
  2. What Is Intelligent Engagement?
  3. The Five Drivers Of Behavior
  4. Activity and Engagement
  5. Valuable Engagement
  6. Identifying Constraints
  7. Overcoming Constraints
  8. Developing Powerful Microskills
  9. Summary and Assignment
  10. Task 1 For Advanced Engagement Methods
  11. Webinar: Matt Niemitz (Adobe Education Exchange) - Weds, 1pm Eastern
  12. Recommended Reading
  13. Webinar: Matt Niemitz (Adobe Education Exchange)

Week 2: Behavioral Disposition

  1. Behavioral Dispositions
  2. Critical Values
  3. Coffee and Persuasion
  4. Attitudes and Persuasion
  5. Beliefs and Opinions
  6. Science of Persuasion
  7. Reading on Persuasion

Week 3: Mastering Motivation

  1. Trying To Understand Motivation
  2. Peak Motivation
  3. Designing A Competence System
  4. Designing An Autonomy System
  5. Designing A Relatedness System
  6. Bonus Video: Building A Powerful Sense of Community
  7. Discovering What Motivates Your Audience
  8. Bonus Video: Reading Your Members' Minds
  9. Recommended Reading

Week 3: Bonus Reading

  1. Freud And PsychoAnalysis
  2. Why Punishment and Rewards Are A Bad Idea
  3. Changing Behavior And Getting People Hooked

Week 4: Deploying Motivational Messages

  1. The Elephant In The Motivational Room
  2. Create Your Inventory
  3. The Interruption Point (before the behavior)
  4. The Encouragement Point (during the behavior)
  5. The Reinforcement Point (after the behavior)
  6. Creating Behavioral Messages
  7. Creating Dynamic Messages
  8. Creating Reinforcement Messages
  9. Task 2: Design Your Super Inventory List
  10. VIDEO: Allison Leahy (FitBit) - Behavioral KPIs

Week 5: Sender Credibility

  1. The Most Persuasive Element of Any Message
  2. Merit-Based Credibility
  3. The Magnum Opus
  4. The Thousand Raindrops Approach
  5. The Mini-Opus And Large Raindrops
  6. Increasing Your Skills, Knowledge, And Resources
  7. Social Capital Credibility
  8. Personality-Driven Credibility
  9. Complex Social Dyanmics
  10. WEBINAR: John Stepper (Working Out Loud)

Week 6: The Affective Heuristics

  1. What Are Heuristics?
  2. The Affective Heuristic
  3. Priming
  4. Framing
  5. Metaphors

Week 7: The Availability Heuristic

  1. What Is The Availability Heuristic?
  2. Be More Specific
  3. Design Mental Images
  4. Reduce The Time Frame
  5. Tell Emotive Stories
  6. BONUS LESSON: Sarah Hawk (FeverBee): Persuasive Technology

Week 8: Anchoring And Social Proof

  1. Anchoring and Social Proof
  2. Anchoring Techniques
  3. Object Anchoring
  4. Contrast Techniques
  5. Social Proof Techniques

Week 9: Effort and Commitment

  1. The Effort Heuristic
  2. Effort Heuristic Techniques
  3. Commitment And Consistency
  4. Consistency And Commitment Techniques
  5. BONUS LESSON: Ron Friedman - Best Place To Work

Week 10: Focus and Prioritization

  1. Getting Stuck and Unstuck
  2. Defining The Tasks
  3. Elimination Tasks And Gaining Time
  4. Automating Tasks
  5. Delegating Tasks

Week 11: Going For The Big Wins

  1. What Is A Big Win?
  2. Big Win 1: Sustainably Increasing Traffic
  3. Big Win 2: Sustainably Increasing Conversion Rates
  4. Big Win 3: Sustainably Increasing Participation Levels
  5. Big Win 4: Sustainably Increase Value

About the Course

You know by now the old approaches to engagement don’t deliver great results. They put you in a fierce war for limited attention. You’re forced to jump from one idea to the next hoping something boosts the numbers.

It’s stressful for you, doesn’t solve your audience’s needs, and doesn’t give you and your organisation a big success.

We want to train you in a methodical, focused, high-impact, and long-term approach to increasing engagement.

We’ve spent 18 months developing Advanced Engagement Methods. This course will train you in methods used by top engagement professionals to get more engagement and achieve your big wins.

This course is combines our experience working with over 200 clients, studying over 1000 psychology articles, interviewing 22 of the top engagement experts in the world, and digging into just under 100 case studies.

Our Goal With Advanced Engagement Methods

Our goal of AEM is to take those of you with a lot of experience in digital engagement (e.g. community managers, social media managers, knowledge managers, app designers/developers etc..) and teach you to increase engagement in a methodical, focused, and long-term way.

That means every day you do the real work of increasing meaningful engagement instead of searching for quick metric hits. It means you understand the psychology of engagement and use this as a long-term framework to drive engagement that matters. It means you learn how to write persuasively and participate with influence.

This course breaks down the deep psychology of long-term engagement into practical building blocks you can use to assemble your future engagement systems.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Achieve your company’s huge wins and move on to bigger challenges.
  • Keep your members active and get more engagement.
  • Reverse declining participation levels and get things back on track.
  • Prioritise your time and stop feeling overwhelmed by a thousand distracting options.
  • Deliver better value to your members by satisfying deeper desires.

Course Details

The course is delivered via a bespoke membership site which equips you with:

  • Over 70k words of material explaining each concept in vivid detail.
  • 21 hours of professionally filmed training videos.
  • Detailed case studies of world-class engagement practices.
  • Week by week exercises.
  • List of references and links to further reading.
  • A calendar to book personal coaching time.