What Students Say!

FeverBee is the course to take you from being an 'ok' community manager, to one with a seriously competitive edge, who is well-informed, data-driven and up-to-date with everything happening in the field. Strongly recommended!

- Liz Crampton, Community and Customer Manager, 10to8

The course has been a truly valuable experience to me. It outperformed my expectations and has sent me away fired-up with inspiration and concrete plans. I believe this will make a real difference to the value of my community. I found that Richard has an admirable degree of knowledge and gave an excellent insight into all the complexities of on the area of community management. Very informative and interactive.

- Vanessa van Donselaar, Mobilization Officer, Greenpeace

There are many people and courses – too many – purporting to know how to develop community managers and community management skills. The majority of them are the equivalent of snake-oil remedies, charlatans and hucksters. This is not one of those courses. The skills taught here are practical, realistic, and mirror actual daily usage. Whether you are a newly minted community manager, or someone with years of experience looking for a new perspective, this course will be helpful to you.

- Philippe Beaudette, Director, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

It's hard to find a Community Management course with a perfect balance between Methodology and Practice, but FeverBee has one of those rare courses. I recommend it to everyone interested in learning Community Management from ground zero, or even for those who want to improve their skills.

- Nicolas Franz, CEO, Whooo Management Design

The knowledge and skills I have obtained from this course are helping me become a more effective and influential community manager. I am now able to effectively define and achieve the right goals for the community. I would recommend this course to anyone involved with online community management.

- Michelle Coolican, Community Manager, Oracle Health Sciences

The principles covered in the course have allowed me to strengthen our remote connections with members. This feeling of connectedness has increased and deepened meaningful member participation. For instance, in the last semester we had over 900 discussion forum topics and over 80% of members have actively participated.

- Leah J. Davis, Online Instruction Community Coordinator, BYU-Idaho

I greatly appreciated and valued participating in the community management course. It was chocked full of great information to guide our community development from the ground up. The course provided a unique and realistic approach to developing a community; doing the up front planning and spade work to make it successful. I've found this to be a largely lacking approach elsewhere. For many it may seem a tough pill to swallow but the successful results are definitely worth it! I also appreciated the variety of interesting classmates. It was helpful and interesting to hear their different perspectives. Great class!

- Laurie Maak, Senior Research Associate, Wed-Based Communications, West Education

The beauty of FeverBee's course is that it combines social science theories and successful community case studies into one interactive learning programme. Training includes expert led webinars which provide great advice from those who've already built thriving communities. It's an extremely valuable and complete course that takes you through all the necessary and essential steps toward developing a successful online community.

- Kirsten Wagenaar, Senior Community Consultant, KREM

When it comes to online communities Richard is truly an expert, his insight into the psychology and motivations on why users engage online is second to none. His practical approach on how to engage with users and build relationships with key influencers have become a major component of our organizations online community outreach plan. If you're looking to build an online strategy which includes developing or engaging in online communities then taking FeverBee's course will definitely point your organization in the right direction for success.

- Jose Gonzalez, University of British Columbia

The course exceeded my high expectations. It gave me deeper and broader understanding on how to build and run a real “2.0 level" online community. It gave me a clear action plan for my start-up community. Richard was a real pro coaching and guiding the active and interesting group with very different backgrounds. The modern way of learning gave opportunity to participate in active and deep dialogue and problem-solving within the group. Real life experience & best practice sharing and common problem solving worked fine.

I can really recommend FeverBee's Community Management course for those who want to reach “the next level" of their online community.

- Jorma Lehtinen, Notium Ltd Oy

I found the course really useful – it has strengthened my plans for our fundraising volunteers' community website, clarifying how we should approach the development of the site. It really forced me to think everything through thoroughly, some of which could have been easily overlooked had Richard not pointed it out. The psychology of engaging and interacting with community members was fascinating, and understanding this will no doubt improve the online experience for our volunteers and ensure we have a thriving and vibrant community for many years to come!

- Jenny Webb, Knowledge Manager, Save the Children

When I completed the course, I was a community manager with more than 4 years of experience, and I found the course to be extremely beneficial. I didn't think the first half of the course would be very helpful as I already manage 2 active communities for my company, however it offered new advice alongside the more advanced levels of the course which I was primarily interested in.
This background information has helped me understand the things I did wrong, or simply didn't do in the beginning; and has given me a better understanding of my communities and their members.

The knowledge I have acquired through this course is helping me become a more effective and influential community manager. I am now able to accurately define and achieve the right goals for the community; and am more confident in articulating the needs, purpose, and benefits of the community to upper management. I would recommend this course to anyone involved with online community management, at all experience levels.

- Jared Adler, Avid.com

If you've ever read Richard's blog, you'll recognise his genius: he lives and breathes online communities. Sometimes it feels like maybe he grew in up in one, so instinctively does he seem to understand what it takes to build them and make them flourish.

His Professional Community Management course was an opportunity to go beyond daily blogs. He provided extended analysis that I could read in my own time; invaluable twice-weekly tutorials which alone were worth the course fee; and, of course, access to an online community of other community managers. I gained insight into the mechanics of community technology and the dynamics of bringing people together online, and, most importantly, how to apply this theory to the communities I run.

- Jacob Kestner, TeachForAll

Richard has the ability to distill theory from a variety of disciplines and apply it to online communities. His pragmatic suggestions for online community management have proven very valuable in finding the best approach for our organisation.

- Heather Sinardo, Canadian Cancer Society

FeverBee's course has proved to be an invaluable tool for learning about online communities. I started the course with no prior knowledge in the subject and, week by week, have been on an intensive learning curve. I've was really impressed with how in depth the course has been and with how much scope there was to the course – the founders of the course are real specialists on community management and it shines through in the course materials and further reading suggestions. The forum was a great way to get to know fellow course members, discuss real-life communities and share our assignments. There was a real broad mix of people on this course ranging from people like me to established community managers and it certainly added an extra dimension to the learning. All in all, I learnt an awful lot on this course and I would certainly recommend it.

- Emma Conway, Apt Marketing & PR

After following Richard's blog, Fever Bee, for several months, I was delighted to see the announcement of the FeverBee course and became a member of the first cohort of participants. I found that this extremely well researched course not only provided a clear understanding of the theory, but pushed to tactical application in a way that makes the material tangible to the end user.

The assignments should not be viewed by community managers as additional work, but instead as a guide for executing well on their job. A community whose manager executes as spelled out in this course will certainly be well on their way to achieving world class status.

- Cecilia Edwards, Senior Vice President, Telligent

I found that the balance of informative content and research summaries made the course lessons very accessible and engaging and led to further independent research and investigation. There is a large volume of content and a fast pace to the course which took me time to digest, analyse and apply to our community development. The online discussions (via Skype) developed my understanding of the content and demonstrated the wealth and experience of other course members. The audio lessons were particularly useful and added some variety.

- Briony Phillips, Teach First

I was working on my business plan to launch an online community in Spain when I found Richard's blog, Feverbee. The list of resources that Richard shares via the blog and his knowledge impressed me, so I decided to take the course. The course material is a jewel. I've learned a lot on Skype chats and live lessons with other course members, and webinars with expert guests. I was a newbie before taking the course and now I´ve a complete strategy in place to develop and grow my online community.

- Antonio Díaz, Founder and CEO, www.midiadia.com


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